What has happened to education funding in Saskatchewan?

When school divisions are facing funding challenges, it’s our children who pay the price.

The Saskatchewan government is underfunding education.  Over half of our school divisions are experiencing budget shortfalls.  And it is our children who are feeling the impact.

A decrease in support staff will diminish the quality of education for all students.  Students who require additional support will struggle in school if they don’t have access to the support.

Our government must invest adequate funding in education to allow school divisions access to the required resources, ensuring all Saskatchewan children’s rights to a quality, safe and healthy education.

  • The Saskatchewan Rivers School Division has laid off over 300 staff and hired them back at reduced hours.  The total impact on staffing levels will be over 11,000 lost hours for many support classifications, including educational assistants, social workers, office administration, language assistants, cooks and library technicians.
  • Prairie Spirit has laid off 60 full time equivalent education associate positions across the school division.
  • Prairie South School Division has laid off 28 school assistants working at 10 schools in Moose Jaw, two social workers, and the SIRS helpdesk position.
  • Good Spirit School Division is reducing the hours of work per day of over 50 educational assistants and not renewing over 20 temporary positions.

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